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I agree to adhere to the rules binding this contract as stated below:
- Dishonesty, Fraud, Falsification of Account Records, False personal information, Disobedience of sharing ratio are all grounds for the termination of contract or delay in payment.

I understand:

  • This is a binding contract.
  • Pearl Kreations has the right to terminate the employment of a Dealer or Partner at anytime. It may do so if any of the contract agreements is breached or for Managerial reason(s).
  • All payment is Canadian Dollars or preferred equivalent; and payable after full payment is received from Customer(s).
  • Pearl Creations has a right to store Customer records in Archives and database for record.

I, the Applicant verify that all the information I have provided in this form is accurate to the best of my knowledge in sound mind; and have provided it voluntarily without influence and/or pressure (external or internal).

I agree to the above terms and conditions